To provide the best craftsmanship, quality, and integrity in the waterproofing industry. We strive for excellence. Our customers get the best for their project, whether it is a new build construction site or a dilapidated restoration project that we bring back to new condition. We put the same amount of care in our small and large projects because we demand that our customers receive top quality customer service.

We give you the best, because we are the best.

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Vapor Instrusion Mitigation

MTN provides the most appropriate barrier technology available in order to eliminate vapor intrusion on Brownfields or environmentally impaired sites.


Decades of experience in maintenance and repair makes MTN the clear choice for concrete restoration solutions


We work hand in hand with premier contractors and consultants across the country to provide essential waterproofing systems.

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Waterproofing Structures to withstand the elements

Waterproofing is aprocess of protecting teh building from water damage by creating barriers that are not penetrable. Exterior waterproofing systems protect against both exterior and interior moisture, while indoor waterproofing only protects against interior moisture. As a professional company in this field, MTN-inc has been offering quality services for over 20 years to your satisfaction!

We work hand in hand with premier contractors and consultants across the country

If you are looking for high quality and expert advice on creating a workable plan, then you’ve come to the right place. Our team of experts is here to help ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget. Helping small businesses make smart decisions has always been at the core of our business model. We provide an integrated approach through a collection of resources including advisory services, business intelligence, thought leadership content, webinars and more.

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Vapor Intrusion Mitigation

Pikes Peak

343 Units  |  369,000 SF  |  Lakewood, Colorado Project Details Skills Needed: Below Grade Waterproofing

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CSU Stadium

The stadium has a total capacity of 41,000, including 10,000 student seats. There are more

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Vapor Intrusion Mitigation

Cardinal Health

Five miles outside of downtown Detroit is the new award winning brownfield project,  Cardinal Health Medical

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The Coloradoan

The Coloradoan is a luxury condominium development that compliments Union Station, in the heart of

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