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Award Winning Quality: Brownfield Project Using LST® Technologies Wins National Award for Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Success

“Land Science’s performance on the redevelopment of what is now the Cardinal Health Medical Distribution Center underscores the advancements made in the field of vapor intrusion mitigation,” said REGENESIS CEO and president, Scott Wilson. “We are proud and honored to have contributed to this project.”


⛰   The winner for EPA Region 5 was the Cardinal Health Distribution Center in Detroit, Michigan.

⛰   Application of both Geo-Seal® and Vapor-Vent™ to the entire footprint of a medical supply warehouse (275,000-squarefeet) to mitigate the vapor intrusion risk.

⛰   The successful outcome at this site is resulting in the revitalization of the 17.5-acre area, and the creation of a facility that is expected to bring 140 jobs to the region.

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CASE STUDY: Big Box Retail Store Receives “No Further Action” Status after Geo-Seal® Application

LST-Case-Study-Big-BoxMTN union contractors apply Geo-Seal on-site.

⛰   Incorporated the new IEPA TACO vapor intrusion regulations.

⛰   Geo-Seal applied to 150,000 square feet of commercial space.

⛰   Geo-Seal application helped obtain a “No Further Remediation” letter.

Project Highlights (download .pdf)


CASE STUDY: Geo-Seal® and Vapor-Vent® Applied at 275,000 Square Feet Medical Supply Warehouse Distribution Center

Case-Study-Distro-CenterMTN applied Geo-Seal and Vapor-Vent to 275,000 Square feet of new construction.

⛰   Brownfield Site historically operated as manufacturing facilities, fuel storage operations, auto services, a rail yard, and apaint shop along with multiple commercial and residential structures.

⛰   Geo-Seal and Vapor-Vent applied to 275,000 square feet.

⛰   Distribution center will bring 140 jobs to the area.

Project Highlights (Download .pdf)

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